Sunday, September 12, 2010

What an amazing week it has been...

Nix that! What an amazing month it has been!! Things have been insane!! Mostly in a good way. L has hardly slept and is fighting the idea of eating anything besides'm exhausted! I've finally found that he prefers anything that I am eating, or Italian foods, such as spaghetti, or ravioli, or lasagna!

Lasagna sauce on his forehead and pure joy in his eyes!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

As far as crochet is concerned...
I have made another pair of wool Sock Monkey shorties, like the ones that I made for Brandi a few months back, and I came up with a pattern that I'm calling Sock Monkey Sally!! It's a darling little sock monkey shorty for a girl!!

Here is a picture of the little skirt/poncho's that my mom designed!! Aren't they awesome???!! Check out the other new product photos that Brandi has done for me on my etsy page!! So awesome!

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