Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lovely Lace Pattern Stitch

I saw a beautiful cardigan on a lady at church on Sunday and thought, I need to try to make a stitch that is similar to that! The fabric of her cardigan was crocheted pentagons which was beautiful and definitely doable, but this is the first pattern that came to me, and I think it's really pretty and worth sharing!

I worked my swatch in Sinfonia thread with a size F hook, but it will work up beautifully in whatever thread you love...so as I always say, use what you love to make something you love for someone you love and love every stitch!

So Here Goes:

Chain multiple of 4 +1

Row 1: hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc across

Row 2: ch 2, turn, hdc, ch 4, sk 3, (2 hdc in next stitch, ch 4, sk 3) across, hdc in last 2 stitches

Row 3: ch 1 turn, sc, (ch 2, sc in ch 4 space, ch 2, sk hdc, sc in hdc) across

Row 4: ch 5, turn, sk sc, 2 hdc in sc, (ch 4, sk sc, 2 hdc in sc) across, ch 2, tc in last sc

Row 5: ch1, turn, sc1, ch2, sc in hdc, (ch 2, sc in ch 4 space, ch 2, sk hdc, sc in hdc) across

Row 6: ch 2, turn, hdc in sc, (ch 4, sk sc, 2 hdc in sc) across

Repeat rows 3-6 for pattern, ending with row 5

2nd to last row: ch 2, turn, hdc in sc, (ch 3, sk sc, 2 hdc in sc) across

Last row: ch 2, turn, (hdc in each st, 3 hdc in each ch 3 space) across

When working something that will have a border, you may opt not to do the foundation row of hdc or the finishing row of hdc. On the swatch that I made while creating this pattern I found that it helped to keep everything aligned better.

An extra special thank you goes out to my dear friend Sarah for taking my convoluted gibberish and simplifying it into a much easier pattern!

As always, I can't wait to hear from you! Comment or message me if you have questions.

Happy Hooking,
Mama Nettie

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Winner

And the winner of the May drawing is.....[Insert drum-roll here]......The Swiss Army Wife! I'm sure you're all completely astounded, as she was the only one who entered! So, this month you'll know that it's probably going to be an easy win so enter quickly if the drawing is for something that you like!

So here's what's going on in my crochet world. I made a pattern that I decided to sell. I hardly ever crochet from a pattern and rarely write down the patterns that I make up as I go....until recently, and you've all seen what's come of that! But for the first time ever, I made something and thought, "I might actually pay a couple of dollars for that pattern" so I listed it for sale and it's really taking off! It does help that little B loves to ham it up for pictures!

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So Cute!!!  I know I'm biased, but really....look at those dimples!

Because I've enjoyed this so much and gotten such an excellent turn out from it, I am currently working on several other patterns and projects, but I don't want to spoil it! There's more fun to come next week!

Happy Hooking,
Mama Nettie

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Got A Leibster Award!!

I got a Leibster Award!

A HUGE Thank You! to Sarah from Engineered Crochet for nominating me!

Blogging has been one of the most enjoyable pastimes that I've discovered in the last 30 years! It's a beautiful way to share your life with old friends and new friends alike, and it is a lovely avenue for sharing a craft or interest! The 5 blogs that I've nominated are ones that I think really capture that. They are great at sharing and lovely to read! 

Here are my 5:

1: Crochet Lounge
2: Andromeda's Fiber Studios
3: Unravel Me Designs
4: Ambassador Crochet
5: Apricot Corner

Here's how you CLAIM your Leibster Award:

1. Post about your win on your blog.
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