Thursday, July 15, 2010

I came across a remnant of the cutest little bug fabric...

you ever saw!!! I thought it would be perfect for a little dress for my B to wear for her birthday!!! I'm really excited!! I'm going to crochet the bodice and probably a couple of little bugs to go on clips in her hair!!You know how it is when you're designing something from scratch?? It takes about a million times as long to finish because you are designing as you go, and sometimes that means taking it out 365 times before you get it just right. Well...that's where I am. I was looking for a stitch that would give it some texture and still be tight and modest. I think I found it!!! Isn't this darling??!! The part that you see here is the waistband, I am working the bodice from the bottom to the top. I'm thinking that I'll just add the flecks of the red every few rows. I find myself really wishing that I had some bright yellow, but oh well. I think it will really turn out cute! More photos to come...of course!

Here's a funny picture of my L. He is so obviously a 3rd child!! He sleeps through almost anything! Check out these toddler tossed surroundings!!! LOL ...and still he looks so peaceful!!B found a poncho/shawl that was mine when I was 4 or 5! She immediately wanted it on and she wore it most of the day yesterday!!! She, of course, had to have a hat with it. No matter that it was 100 degrees outside...or that we didn't have a hat that matched at all!!!
I wish I had thought to take a picture of her during nap too! She wore it as a blanket!! So sweet!

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