Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday Morning


We made Allergy Friendly donuts...They were free from Milk, all dairy, Nuts, Wheat, Eggs, and Soy.  They turned out really yummy so I thought I'd share!

This is my allergy friendly biscuit recipe, modified to make donuts. If there's a * beside it then it's a modification. Remove all of the modifications for yummy biscuits :)

Here's the recipe:

Mix these Dry Ingredients in a large bowl:
2 C Oat Flour
2 C Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
2T Baking Powder
2tsp Baking Soda
1tsp Salt
*1/4C Sugar*

2/3 C Butter Flavored Crisco
After mixing dry ingredients well, drop by small bits into mixer as it goes.  (Or mix in with a fork or pastry blender)

1 1/2 C Rice Milk - vanilla or plain
2tsp Vanilla extract

Mix until it feels like regular biscuit dough. Pull off pieces and shape into donuts. Roll donuts in powdered sugar and lay on greased baking sheet. (At this point I covered mine and kept them in the fridge overnight so I could pull them out and put them in the oven fast the next morning.) Bake at 450 for 10 minutes.

Heat 1/8 cup of water for 2 mins in the microwave. Add 1 tsp vanilla and whisk in powdered sugar until it reaches a good consistency for icing. Dip donuts in icing while they are still warm and serve :)

On a crochet note!!!  I sold a baby pod to another wonderful photographer this week! I included a hat just for kicks and he did something great with it. It was one of those elf hats that had the long braided tail on the end and he tied it in a knot!  It turned out so cute!!!  Check out the pictures!  

My Dr appointments are this week so keep me in your prayers, and as usual...Happy Hooking to all of you!

Mama Nettie

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