Saturday, April 14, 2012

I was watching...

my babies play together today. B is getting ready for her first really big dance recital and as the oldest in the family she has taken it upon herself to teach the steps to her younger siblings. I am listening to them giggle and laugh and run and tumble into one another in the living room floor. When I turned to watch for a little while B is doing her "professional" (for a 4 year old) dance moves while E stands next to her in an over sized t-shirt and underpants that are on inside out and backwards, and does his best to copy her movements, and then there's my little L quite literally running circles around them both and singing "go L, go L" at the top of his lungs(always so proud of his accomplishments).

Suddenly tears sting my eyes and my heart is overflowing down my face as I am taken back 20 years to my own childhood. I remember my brother's first Tae-Kwon-Do demonstration. I remember how proud and excited he was and how he loved teaching us each step and technique in his routine. I remember how much love I felt for my brother and sister during the time that we were learning and playing together like that. It was so beautiful to look at my children and see that love between them.

B noticed that I was taking pictures and said "hang on mommy. Ok, now!" and set down her bubbles and struck a pose! L is looking at her like "you are know that, right?"

So, for now dance is to them what Tae-Kwon-Do was to us. I wonder what their camper will be! We had an old camper. The kind that was built to slide onto/into the bed of a pickup. It was tiny, but it was ours! We spent hours out there playing. I was the little mama even then. I would clean and make curtains and pretend to make dinner...out of chips and sandwiches that I brought from the house, while Brandon and Crystal would play games. I was the banker in Monopoly. I didn't even play most of the time, but I loved to be the banker!

There are days when it is really difficult to have babies so close together. I know my mother felt the same way. But I look at them and how well they communicate with eachother the majority of the time, and how much they learn from one another, and I wouldn't change it for the world. There are so many priceless moments every day, so many moments that take me back and remind me of my precious family, and so many moments that make the future look so bright and beautiful!

What do your kiddos do that takes you back? I'd love your comments.
Mama Nettie

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  1. Hehe. Since I don't have kids I can't share those thoughts, but I can say that my sister and I loved playing in leaves during Autumn. We didn't have a playhouse but once the leaves started falling we would rake them up in lines and make mansions with 50 rooms and yards. Mine always had a menagerie, hers had room for 100 expensive cars. Love the pic of B and E sitting on the trike- you should frame it!