Monday, April 9, 2012

On the Birdie Band Wagon!

A while back I posted a picture of an "Angry Birds" hat that I made for my son L. He loves it and several people have requested the pattern so I decided to go ahead and write it down. I'm sure that it isn't without issues. Again, I'm new at writing down my crazy, spur of the moment, "I can make that!" moments!  If you have problems, please message me and let me know so that I can correct the pattern. As always, thanks for visiting my blog, and Happy Hooking!!

Angry Birds Hat
Supplies Needed:
Size I hook and a yarn needle
Red yarn
White yarn
Orange yarn
Black yarn
Small amount of stuffing

*PSM – Place Stitch Marker* (I recommend moving a stitch marker up as you go, you can use an actual stitch marker or a safety pin or a small length of yarn. )

Basic HDC Beanie with 4 rows of White, 7 rows of Red and then basic decrease and top closure. The beanie can be made any size, so alter it to fit anyone you like! If you have trouble, just message me at and we can alter it together!  The Angry Bird’s face will be great no matter the hat size!

Beginning with White:

Chain 55, sl st to make lp
R1: sc1, PSM, HDC around
R2-3: HDC around, PSM as you go
R4: HDC around, sc in stitch with stitch marker, tie on red, sl st in next st (leave a length of white and cut)
R5: sc 1, PSM, HDC around
R6-11: HDC around, PSM as you go
R12: dec over st marker, 4 HDC,( dec, 4 HDC ) around
R13: dec over st marker, 3 HDC, (dec, 3 HDC ) around
R14: dec over st marker, 2 HDC, (dec, 2 HDC ) around
R 15: dec over st marker, 1 HDC, (dec, 1 HDC) around
R 16: dec, 1 HDC, (dec, 1 HDC) around (will be really small)
R17: dec, dec around. Ch 1 and pull tight to make a knot. Leave a length of yarn to sew top shut and cut.

Face Decals:

Eye Brows:

Ch 20
R1: HDC in 3rd CH and next 7, dec over next 3, HDC in remaining 8 sts, tie off leaving a long length of yarn and cut.


Tie onto bottom of brow. Eye will be 5 sts wide, center it on each side, or you can ch 5 to start and sew the eyes on separately.

R1: 5 sc
R2: 5 HDC in center sc, sl st to last sc. Tie off and cut


R1: Ch2, 3sc in 1st ch
R2: SC in 1st sc, PSM, (2 SC, 1SC)around
R3: 2SC in next st, PSM, (1 SC, 2 SC) around
R4: 1SC in each st, PSM
R5-6: (2SC, 1SC, 2SC, 1SC) around
Tie off leaving a length of yarn and cut


Big Feather:

R1: 6sc in 1st ch
R2: 2Sc in each st (12)
R3-5: Sc in each st around
R6: (dec, sc 4, dec, sc 4) around
R7: (dec, sc 3, dec sc 3) around
R8-11: sc in each st around

Small Feather: Repeat big feather stopping after R8.

Take a small length of black yarn and make a knot to make a pupil for each eye.

Stuff the beak and feathers, sew the decals to the hat and there you have it! Ready to go!


  1. I love it! Thanks for the pattern. I will have to make two of these for my nephew and niece. Thanks again.

  2. This is brilliant!! Can you tell me what age it's for?

    1. Hey Wendy!

      This one is for a toddler...about 18 to 24 months, but the face doesn't change, and the top feathers won't change if you want to make it larger just make the basic hat larger. email me at if you need a pattern for that. :)