Monday, April 30, 2012

Tips on the Classy Clutch

When putting the Classy Clutch to the test, there was one thing that became blaringly obvious quite quickly. I don't like the way that it hangs open and comes open so easily when it has something in it unless it is sewn together in a very specific way, so here's the way to do it. Fold up the side flaps and sew them on all edges. EVEN THE TOP.

Welcome to my kitchen counter top! :)

Once this is done it leaves only the front open under the flap and is much easier to use.  I LOVE IT! I love it just for me, but mostly I love it to use for my kiddos! Mom's, this just became my top must have! Especially for allergy mom's like me!!

L cannot be left anywhere, even Sunday School class, without an epi pen. Also, they often feed the kiddos snacks in Children's Church which can be an issue as you might imagine. I know I've written about it briefly in the past, but L's allergies include ALL Nuts, Milk, Egg, and Wheat.

So, in this classy little clutch (which fits beautifully in my purse I might add) I can put a diaper, a snack, and an epi pen! It is easy to hand to the teacher all in one beautiful little bundle!

Also Non-Allergy Mom's, it would be super convenient to put just a diaper a tiny pack of wipes, and a snack.  I think I'll make one that doesn't have the ornate front on it to use for L on a regular basis, since this one is not very boyish. Maybe I'll make one that is brown and cream and blue or something like that. I'll post a picture if I do.

I'd love to know if any of you have tried the clutch. Share your thoughts!!

Happy Hooking,
Mama Nettie


  1. I am going to make this bag to go with my birthday outfit. I am going to add a strap to I can wear it crossbody. I will make sure to post a pic of the completed project.

  2. Hi mama nettie....i tried out this elegant clutch but idk where I went wrong. Would you help me please??? Thank you