Friday, May 11, 2012

Family Day...

So it's been one of those weeks where I have so much going on that by the time I sit down at the end of the day I am...and I know...this even sounds foreign to me...but I promise it's true...I am actually too tired to even crochet!!  I don't know what to do with myself.

I haven't made a blog post on Love in the Stitches in well over a week, I'm worried you guys are going to think I forgot you. I promise I didn't......I did forget my name once...and my children's names several times, but you guys...never! LOL

All joking aside this is what my weekend holds. Let's start with the beginning...L sat in something that he's allergic to and has a rash on his tush. I can't seem to get it to go away so I took his itchy little bottom to the Dr today for some special cream. Also, little B is coughing up a lung and has a sore throat, so she needed to see the Dr as well. So, we went to the Dr this morning first thing. On the way home, we stopped to pick up Kristin and run by the grocery store because I needed a few things for the birthday party that I am hostessing for one of my best friends tonight. The children decided to have a melt down on the way to the store which always results in them not having the privilege of going in, so Kris went in and then I went in after she was done.

After dropping off her groceries we had to make one more stop for a Birthday gift and then take her home. On the way home I needed to run through the drive through at the drug store and pick up L's cream and B's medicine so I went to CVS, but the line was so long in the drive through that I just unloaded the brood and went in....L proceeded to throw a tantrum in the floor of the store because I wouldn't open his candy right then. (keep in mind that he is 2 and it's nearly 1:30 at the time and he's hungry and tired...he is usually a really well behaved child) but still, we don't reward tantrums so his candy treat was placed back on the shelf and the others got candy while he did not. Now that WAS an uproar. Anyway, we were gone from the house from 8:45 this morning until 2:30 and now I'm trying to get these kiddos down for nap. The biggest are out for the count, but little L is too tired to sleep I think.

So...tonight we have a birthday party, and in the morning at 8:30 is B's dress rehearsal for her first dance recital! Then tomorrow afternoon at 4:15 we have to be there for the actual recital which starts at 5, and somewhere in the middle of it all my parents are coming in. The recital will probably end around 7 and Mom and Dad will have to head back home,  then Mother's Day is Sunday and we have company coming Sunday night and then Monday is my friend David's birthday so company again.....I'm so exhausted thinking about it that I'm having trouble making my feet move to get started. And crochet???  Well, I've started a pillow for David's couch for the 4th time, and I'm also working on another purse pattern. Another friend of mine asked me to design a shoulder bag for her, so there are things in the works, they just aren't anywhere close to done so today, no crochet pictures, just WELCOME TO MY FAMILY.

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