Wednesday, May 23, 2012


with 3 toddlers is the pits! My crew has pink eye this week so we are trapped at home. I am exhausted! John doesn't have any sick time left until the end of June so I'm the only one who can touch the children at all, and they are VERY NEEDY!!
We have been up through the night with children terrified because their eyes won't open...even though we've talked it over that their eyes may seal shut in the night and not to worry we can wash them with a cloth. Then we have those moments of "Just hold me, Mommy" that are so precious and sweet....followed by "That's my Mommy! Get away from her!" and a fist fight!
Anyway, Long story short, Mommy is about ready to take a vacation, and she may very well do just that as soon as this round of antibiotics is done! I can't tell you how many times I've called out "Please don't vanquish your brother! You will want to play with him tomorrow!" 

All you fellow crochet people and lovely mom's out there please say a prayer for me today! We have 5 more days to go because this started on Saturday and we couldn't see the Dr until Monday afternoon. :(  So next Monday will end our very long quarantine.

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