Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Dress Project

One of my projects today was a little dress for my friend Kristin's daughter K who is turning 2 in just a few days! I made it a little like a pillowcase dress...only I didn't start with a pillowcase. I found a fabric remnant for next to nothing at the store the other day and thought
"I wonder if I could make a little dress"'s the story. I didn't have a pattern or anything, I just started with a piece of fabric. I pressed it and cut the edges as straight as possible, sewed it into a loop and hemmed one end(the bottom). Then I pressed and hemmed the top to prepare for elastic. I put elastic more than halfway around leaving a straight front(to crochet on) then I set out crocheting the bodice! I am going out to get some cute buttons tomorrow morning, but this is close to the finished project back and front.
The buttons will go on the bodice and both the halter and the flowers will button on. That will make the halter adjustable and I can make some matching flower barrettes to go along!!
I will post a picture of it on the birthday girl as soon as I get one!!

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