Friday, June 25, 2010

My Awesome Mom

So...My mom is a creative genius!! Look at this precious little hat that she made!! From the moment that I took it out of the box My Little B didn't take it off!! Check out my Etsy store to see more!
Today's post is going to be all about my mom. She taught me everything that I know about being a crafter and being a great mom!!
Today has been rough. B will be 3 soon, as you all can see from the day ticker to the right of my blog. (How fun??!!! I love it!) I am beginning to think that those moms who told me that 3 years old is tougher than 2 might have known what they were talking about!!!

Well, you would never know it by looking at this sweet face (Cheek full of grapes that she wouldn't chew and swallow), but My B has been a wild child for the last couple of days. Did you ever watch a child misbehaving and think, "That parent should get control of their child!" or "When I have kids they will never act like that!" did I...and today that kid was my kid!
So I'm thinking a lot of my mom today, because (obviously) I lived to past puberty, and until now I never knew how much restraint that must have taken on her part!!! For the last 3 days B has been testing me on all of the rules that I thought we had down.
Pray for me all you moms out there!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! I promise, I am saying a prayer for you every time I almost scream @$#&*^%*(^*. And it's working. As you can see, B still has hair. (Hair that isn't in a ponytail or brushed or anything because she "Don't want it brushed!!!") and I didn't have the energy for another fight. Bless you mom! I remember saying that same thing to you! I also remember sneaking out of my room at night to see what you and Daddy were watching on TV, and holding grapes in my mouth until they were all warm and squishy! Oh...and cutting up that letter that you got from your best friend!! The scissors were just right there, and I just hadn't developed the self control to fight the temptation! (I Love you Mom)

My awesome Mother has been crocheting her fingers off as well! Ever since my Etsy page has taken off so well she has been throwing in items to help out! All of the shoulder bags on my website were made by my mom! She's amazing.
This little hat and poncho set is something that she finished up just yesterday! How gorgeous!! Doesn't it just look like a ray of sunshine on a chilly day?? Whose little girl wouldn't look adorable in something like that?!

Now here is about the coolest thing I think I've seen so far!! This is a reversable and extremely versatile item! It is a poncho for a little girl to be worn either side out, turtle neck, or folded down as you see in the picture, but it is also a perfect little skirt! Absolutely adorable to layer over a pair of tights or leggings on a chilly day!

My mom is a Genius!! She is why I am creative. Who am I kidding, she is why I am anything that I am. You are blessed Mamma. I love you.

Proverbs 31:28 Her children rise up and call her blessed, Her husband also and he praises her.

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