Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Greatest Weekend

So, Friday morning B and E had a dentist appointment. It was B's second dentist appointment and she did really really well. We had just watched an episode of Sid the Science Kid that was about teeth! (If you haven't seen that show, I highly recommend it. It is really informative and fun for kids.) B did great.
It was E's first dentist visit and he still did pretty well. He didn't want to open his mouth. LOL! The dentist had to practically pry his mouth open with a gloved finger! I was terrified that E would bite him! Thank Heaven he didn't! All in all it went pretty well. We went ot McDonald's for lunch as a treat and then made it home in time for nap. (Crochet time for Mama!!)

Friday evening my sister, who I haven't seen in close to a year, came to visit!!! She brought her two kids. N is about to be 3. He is 3 months younger than my Little B and 10 months older than E Bug, and S is 6 months old, exactly 2 weeks older than my L. Needless to say, living far apart, we hadn't gotten to meet the youngest additions to eachothers families. Mom and Daddy got to come for the weekend too. It was a wonderful wonderful wonderful few days.
Here is a picture of my sweet sister(Crystal)
Here's my Daddy aka PawPaw holding S with L in the background. (Just look at the beautiful babies and ignore the laundry that's flowing over the edge of the kitchen table!)
What a wonderful time!

Crystal brought me the biggest surprise! When we were kids we saved and saved and saved to buy a dollhouse kit. We ran a lemonade stand and babysat and all number of little jobs to get enough money. Mom and dad covered tax and we bought it!! We came right home and started putting it together, but it became more and more evident that it would require adult assistance and there just wasn't time. I thought that it had been lost or destroyed in a move or something, but unbeknownst to me, when Crystal found out that I was expecting a baby girl she asked for the kit from my mom and dad. She took it home and started builing it(again). It was very involved. She even had to mold her own bricks out of the mortar mix that they provided and the shingles for the roof were all in a bag...etc. Long story short, she finished it and brought it to go in Little B's room! The kids love it. They have already spent countless hours playing with it and we don't even have furniture in it yet! The picture is of N, Crystal's oldest. :) What a cutie!!

The next few days were spent crocheting, visiting, eating good food and having fun! Crystal actually kept the kids one evening so that John and I could go out! We have had a sitter come before, but no one has ever told us..."Just go and don't hurry. Don't worry about a thing. If I need you, I'll call you. Take as long as you like! Be sure to see a movie and eat dinner!!!" It was so amazing! It was like having a glimpse of life before kids. So worry free! What a refreshing reprieve! Thank you SuperSis!!

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  1. Aren't sisters awesome?! I am so happy that you had such a good time. I have some super great pictures of you and your family. You be sure and tell Crystal to come visit us real soon.