Monday, June 7, 2010

Cloth Diapering E Bug Day 1

So...last night was anything but restful. L (My 5 month old) seemed to have no intention of sleeping!! Mommy is exhausted this morning! Hurry up nap time...get here quick!

I have been cloth diapering L for 3 weeks now, and have just used my last disposable diaper for E Bug (My 22 month old)... I'm trying so hard to be brave, but already I'm really nervous about cloth diapering 2 at a time! Praise God for our modern conveniences, or until last month I would have been cloth diapering 3 at a time!!! My Little B is potty trained day AND night now!!

So, since I cannot afford to just buy out the FuzziBunz factory, I am working on designing a crocheted wool cover that I can whip out in a flash, lanolize, and use for E Bug. He is a really big boy and tough to fit.
Today has been going better than I could ever have hoped! All you moms out there, it really isn't as hard as it seems like it will be!! Take the plunge and save the money!!

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