Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Day After The Colic Frolic!

So here is my darling little E Bug wearing his Daddy's hat! Kristin took the picture, she was so kind to avoid showing the pile of laundry on my table!! (I promise it's not the same pile as yesterday) We do sit at the table for every single's just (and I'm sure that all mothers of multiple toddlers understand perfectly)no matter how often you do laundry...there is always always always laundry to be done!! It's a beautiful day when your dining table is covered with clean laundry as opposed to your hallway being impassable because of a pile of dirty laundry!! LOL

I think that maybe his eyes will be green like mine. Isn't he a beautiful kid?!!
L...the one who started the uproarious night that we had last night, was still mighty fussy today, but the bath really cheered him up. He had a great time!! He just chilled out, leaned back, and crossed his legs! (Check out his funny little toes!!)

And Kristin(Aunt KiKi) caught the smile! You all should hear the belly laugh that goes along with that darling little smile and bald head!
And, last but not least, here is "Cranky Pants" AKA Little B just waking up from her nap today.

Today was one of those days where there was only one set of footprints in the sand, I'll tell you that much! (Footprints in the Sand Poem)
Jeremiah 16:19 Oh Lord, My strength and my fortress, My refuge in the day of affliction.

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  1. Beautiful, Beautiful Kidos! I hope ya'll have a better night tonight!